All home made, all £5.95 each. 

  • HOMEMADE ECCLES CAKE served with a chilled brown sugar custard and vanilla ice cream.
  • DEEP FRIED CHURROS accompanied by thick hot chocolate and cinnamon sugar.
  • BREAD & BUTTER ICE CREAM TERRINE complimented by an apricot sorbet, custard and apricot sauce.
  • FLOATING ISLAND lightly steamed soft meringue, served witha vanilla sauce, sprinkled with an almond praline.
  • FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE, served with a raspberry sorbet, raspberry curd and crisp meringue bits.
  • VANILLA PANNACOTTA served with warmed gingerbread, bramley apple puree and spiced syrup.
  • A selection of ENGLISH CHEESE & biscuits with celery and grapes £7.95
  • Homemade Ice Cream
    Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip or Stem Ginger
    1 Scoop £1.99, 2 Scoops £3.25, 3 Scoops £4.50
  • Homemade Sorbets
    Lemon, Strawberry or Cassis
    1 Sccop £1.99, 2 Scoops £3.25, 3 Scoops £4.50